Employer FAQs & Resources

Employer FAQs & Resources

disAbility in the workplace facts:

  • 10% of  U. S. work aged people report having a disability.
  • The number of persons with disabilities in the workplace continues to grow due to an aging population  and  war veterans returning to the workforce.
  • 13% of people with disabilities (25 years and older) hold a bachelor's degree or higher.
  • Approximately 11% of college graduates have a disability.
  • Only 44% of workers with disabilities report needing any accommodations at work.  The average cost for accommodations is only $400—$600.
  • Studies show that employees with disAbilities tend to have lower turnover and higher longevity.  The benefit to businesses is lower hiring and training costs.
  • A recent Gallop poll found a strong correlation between companies’ diversity efforts and the job satisfaction of their employees.
  • In a consumer survey, 93% of consumers said they would prefer to give their business to companies who employ people with disabilities!
  • Polling reveals a strong connection between a company’s diversity efforts and their employees’ job satisfaction

Employer FAQs:

Q.— What can Employment 1st do for my business?
A.— Utilizing an Employment Service can help provide access to a pool of pre-screened employee candidates.  An Employment Specialist can help you to match the right person for the right job!

Q.— What are the benefits to my company?
A.— Enjoy the advantages of hiring a motivated, productive, dependable employee!

Q.— What is the cost to my business?
A.— No more than to hire or retain any other employee!

Q.— Is it more work for me? What are the risks?
A.—No extra work. There is no more risk than hiring and retaining any other employee.  Your same hiring and termination policies apply to ALL employees.

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